Fonts Designed by Ingrimayne Type

The best fonts developed by Ingrimayne Type are sold at and also at Most were revised in 2010 and 2011. The Macintosh TrueType format was dropped and the old PostScript formats were replaced with the new OpenType format. Most of the fonts had the accented characters used in central European languages added. If you click on the name of a font, you will be taken to the or location that features that font. There you can see the complete character set of the typeface and, if you so desire, purchase it.




Text Fonts 21

Sans-Serif Fonts 24

Handwriting Fonts 17

Calligraphic Fonts 18

Party Fonts 25

Medieval Fonts 14

MonoSpaced/Typewriter Fonts 26

Victorian/Old-West Fonts 20

Letterbat Fonts 29

Funny Fonts 27

Decorative Fonts 21

Experimental Fonts 22

Picture Fonts 27

Tessellation Fonts 22


Recent Fonts and Updates

(This display of fonts developed in Spring, 2004 and is based on the font flags that I developed for use on Before the font flags, I tried something a bit different, which you can see here. Before I sold typefaces on, I tried to sell typefaces on CD, which was mostly a failure, and here are my attempts to display typefaces, with obsolete and dead links removed.)