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People frequently want to know what is permitted use of this material. All material in these pages is copyright by Robert Schenk 1997-2011 and earlier dates and copyright to most of this material has been registered with the Library of Congress. If you would like to use this material in a way that would be permitted with an article from the Wall Street Journal or New York Times, you do not have to ask. If you want to use the material in a way that you would have to ask permission if it were from the Wall Street Journal or New York Times, then you should ask me, the author and copyright holder, as well. There some exceptions, however. If you are using this material in a classroom setting, either as a teacher or student, and do not charge for it, you may copy and distribute it in printed form. Please, however, include a citation of the source. Linking is free and encouraged--you do not need to ask.

Any commercial use of this material is prohibited without the author's permission.

About the Author

Robert Schenk (PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1977) has taught undergraduate economics since 1970. Currently Professor of Economics at Saint Joseph's College-Indiana, he has published papers in a number of economic journals, including the Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, the Journal of Economic Education, Public Choice, and the Journal of Economic Literature.

The author welcomes comments and suggestions about design, flow, approach, mistakes, typos, etc.

I can be reached by e-mail at schenk at saintjoe.edu.

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